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In late 2011, our founder was introduced to cannabis patients and subsequent discussions revealed the substantial value of creating a new company that could "create" and "deliver” cannabis to the consumer patients for a more enjoyable medicating experience. In the Spring of 2012, he began work on what was then known as "The Delivery Method” that was envisioned to include a unique "seed-to-stomach" documentation of product development that can be repeated through one unique and proprietary blend and used to develop a multitude of products in the legal cannabis space, and that it is how the idea turned into a medical cannabis business model and became known as "MedicatedOne”. 

MedicatedOne is focused on providing advisory services and developing legal medical cannabis products, based on hemp-derived CBD, and not in the growing and distribution of marijuana. The company is currently working to become a market leader as it builds its potential revenues through patient consulting services and sales of CBD products with the ability to produce THC products once the proper Federal legislation is in place.