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What is CBD hemp oil?

What is CBD hemp oil?

Within the rapidly growing medical marijuana industry is a new category of products seeing its own equally rapid rise in popularity among consumers nationwide. Made with "CBD hemp oil”, these highly demanded hemp derived products are available for delivery straight to your door.

Unlike traditional medical marijuana products, which are usually made from plants exhibiting high contents of psychoactive THC and come with names like Green Crack and Trainwreck, hemp oil is made from CBD-rich, low-THC hemp.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 85 cannabinoids presently identified in the cannabis plant and is the second most common cannabinoid after THC. Like THC, CBD also interacts with our naturally occurring endocannabinoid systems. However, because CBD is non-psychotropic, it doesn’t produce the same intoxicating high as THC, making it safe for use across age groups and demographics.

CBD has become a highly sought after compound in recent years, taking the medical marijuana industry by storm after receiving highly publicized exposure in the media, including in Sanjay Gupta’s special, "Weed”, which first premiered on CNN. Since then, CBD rich products have appeared on shelves in both medical marijuana dispensaries and grocery stores alike, creating an unexpected trend.

However, CBD derived from the marijuana variety of cannabis is federally illegal in the United States and scheduled still in the most dangerous category of drug — Schedule I. While some states have robust medical marijuana programs and just over a dozen more have legalized medical use of high-CBD/low-THC cannabis products, many states still ban all cannabis cultivation, production, and use. Worldwide, marijuana continues to be feared in large stretches, with only a handful of countries beginning wider acceptance and use either medically or recreationally.

Why Use Hemp for Extracted CBD?

It is primarily hemp’s lack of significant THC content that allows it to be a viable alternative to marijuana as a source for CBD. The naturally low-THC hemp plant, another variety of cannabis, is legal to grow in many countries around the world and is legal to import into the United States under current laws for commercial use.

Some genetic varieties of hemp contain statistically higher concentrations of CBD than others. We have worked hard alongside our cultivators to isolate these hemp plants for integration into our CBD products. Using these specific varieties, it is possible to extract oil from hemp that contains a significant content of CBD, as well as other nutritious material like terpenes, omega-3’s, and more. This CBD rich hemp oil can be imported to the US like any other commercial hemp product and can be sold in all 50 states without violating the United States’ laws regarding cannabis.

CBD hemp oil is also significantly different than the hemp oil you commonly find in grocery stores. Derived from hemp seeds, store-bought hemp seed oil is a great nutritional supplement, but it does not contain nearly the same concentration of cannabidiol as CBD hemp oil or the range of products made with CBD hemp oil.

In the past decade or more, the National Institute of Health has published numerous studies detailing the effects of cannabis and its active cannabinoids on the body. Now that families, legislators, scientists and more are becoming aware of the potential of CBD, CBD hemp oil presents a game changing solution in the marketplace, providing legal access to the CBD, without the high of marijuana, that thousands of people already count on every day.

Where Does CBD Hemp Oil Originate?

CBD hemp oil is a natural botanical extract of the common hemp plant. That part is straightforward and clear.

However, due to the mass of regulatory limitations here in the States related to growing and processing all cannabis varieties, including hemp, the supply chain for getting CBD hemp oil products to the consumer’s doorstep is quite a bit more complicated.

Until 2014, it was federally illegal to grow hemp in the United States, and even with the passing of the Farm Bill, it’s still illegal to grow hemp for commercial purposes, with approved reasons for growing hemp resigned to research needs.

It is for this reason that all the finished hemp goods that you see for sale in America, from food products to clothing to building materials, are part of an imported hemp industry that has surpassed $500 million annually. (The size of this import industry is one of the major catalysts for industrial hemp legalization in the U.S. As a renewable source of a range of finished resources and products, hemp provides an exciting new step in American agriculture.)

Therefore, the hemp used to create the high CBD products available in America is cultivated in various countries around the world. While most hemp is grown in China, the hemp that we use for our CBD hemp oil products is cultivated on farms in Austria. Not just any hemp crop will do either — specific cultivars of the hemp plant are required to yield an extract high enough in CBD for use in our products.

How is CBD Hemp Oil Used to Create CBD-rich Products?

After seasonal harvests, these CBD-rich hemp crops are put through a specialized extraction process to yield a hemp oil that is naturally high in cannabidiol and low in intoxicating THC. This pure hemp extract is then tested for safety, quality, and cannabinoid content before being exported to our processing facilities in the United States.

Importing any cannabis or hemp product into the United States is a complicated and serious task, so we leave nothing to chance before our high-CBD hemp oil makes its journey across the Atlantic Ocean. After clearing U.S. Customs inspection, we test the hemp oil again when it reaches our facilities. After a 10,000+ mile transcontinental trip, we follow proper safety protocol to double check for degradation, damage, or contamination in our raw hemp oil.

Finally, the imported bulk CBD hemp oil is combined with other ingredients to create our extensive lineup of recognized brands. These products form a range of personal uses: including our botanical CBD tinctures, like Dixie Botanicals’® Dew Drops; topical CBD hemp oil creams, like Cannabis Beauty Defined™ Salve; and pure CBD hemp oil products, like Real Scientific Hemp Oil™.

Our finished CBD rich products are tested for a final time to once again ensure the safety, quality, and cannabinoid content or our products before they are shipped directly to our customers’ doors.

In the natural product and dietary supplement industries, these rigorous testing practices are not required by regulations — but given the stigma cannabis and hemp must overcome and the extent to which our customers depend on us, it has become our core mission to go the extra mile. We also can’t do it alone. We’ve worked hard to develop partnerships with other industry leaders who we count on to help us deliver the best CBD hemp oil products on the market.

Now that you have a more complete understanding of CBD hemp oil, it is time to learn what types of CBD hemp oil products are available.

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